Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Is Not As Easy As We Thought

if we hapy all people will view ..  
when we are sick people who come to visit ..?  
the same with the beautiful .. the clever and versatile abilities of all people will come to him and is always beside him .. the kind where we are weak ..?? do about it people will come to us ..?  
sometimes people never realize what they are saying .. 
what curse them .. they always feel that they are the most powerful people .. 
sad when there are people who are being treated in such a state .. 
they are the servants of God .. remember no people is perfect in this world too ..
  that's what I feel 
.. sometimes can not want to accept the reality .. only God knows my heart .. like shredded .. 
I am a person who never got what I want in life .. I've fallen ..  
What I remember one of those who already left me ..  
he is carrying me to continue studying now ..  
 I know he a almost got what he wanted in his life .. 
but I have never forgotten the advice he had for close to me .. 
but now he is not an important person in my life .. 
  I already found a replacement who may be much difference from him .. 
but he also never forgot the advice .. 
I'm wrong because I think people are right to me at the right-true love .. 
I recognize two different characters are hard in my life but I'm thankful that I can find a which I love and which can be a friend..
smiles reading..;)

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