Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1 day boy ask girl 2 accept  him in their life...she not she have a person 2 protect he besides their family n their frend..tpi x sngke sume berubah kn...tpi 2 sume de hikmahnye...she know him around mac 08..but she close with him around mei 08...form 5...hahaha..the boy at MRSM kedah..the girl kat kL je..tpi xsgke hbungn dorng mkin lme mkin rapat...tpi girl xaspect jgak ble the boy cntct girl gne no bru sbb nset kne rampas...spe sruh bwak g sekolah n hostel...but the boy still remember he num..i like..spm coming..uthe boy give the support 2 get a good result...thanks..!!u know why she love u..???becoz the girl jelous with u..u're excellent..!!always give he support with ayat2 al-quran...wah..pyah nk jmpe laki mcm 2 kn..??until the result spm kuar..the boy text the girl 2 know their result...biase la zaman skola nk kol pn xbnyk kdit kn..??the boy ask the girl about their result..??how get..!!!OMG the girl so shy 2 tell u..but its ok girl ckp gak ngn boy 2...then boy ckp ok la 2..kte kne syukur ngn ape yg kte dpat kn,,?? about your result.???mesti straight A right..???urm..Yup...!!OMG..!!10A's....then the boy ask girl 2 nk mohon sme2 tmpt blaja..tpi girl 2 xnk..she have a reason why..??but its ok..!!boy 2 dpt Uitm S.A..(foundation)..girl 2 plak study kat kolej je..urm study smart la...msing2 wat hal sndri..smpai la the boy dpt tawaran kat Unikl kedah...tpi tawaran 2 connection ngn Spain...tpi mmg 2 yg die nk dri dlu lgy..then girl 2 pn sruh g tuk cpai hajat yg boy 2 nk...die mcm MFI bngi gak la...tpi girl 2 sedey npe xdpt twaran kat UnikL MFI Bangi je...dekat sket boley jmpe..tpi 2 sume kne trime la kn..relationship 2 jlan mcm biase..tpi dlm wk2 yg sme de mcm2 dugaan yg girl 2 kne trime...tpi girl 2 kuatkn smangt..NOBODY PERFECT IN THE WORLD..!!boy ngn girl 2 pn mmg lme x cntct...girl 2 sedey gle la...but girl 2 fham ngn situation msing2 yg nk kejar cite2..tpi lame2 hbungn girl ngn boy nie jdi renggang...smpi la terjdinye perpisahn pd bln 1 2010...but girl 2 accept..mybe xde jodoh...!!but the problems now,,the girl ssh nk forget the boy...smapi da abis air mate...urm hmpir 10bln jgak girl 2 xdpt nk lpe...tpi sbbkn die de kwn n fmly yg bgy support die kuat nk hadapi idop...biase la khidupan ni x sume nye Bahgia...Study From The Mistake...huhuuhu..(T_T)

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